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[S] John: Just Lose it by PalaceOfChairs [S] John: Just Lose it :iconpalaceofchairs:PalaceOfChairs 6,199 943 LET ME SPEAK by DestinyBlue LET ME SPEAK :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 8,594 1,507
Just Keep Talking (Kankri X Reader)
Just Keep Talking 
That’s all he ever does, talk and talk and talk. You always had to listen to his rants, and it was annoying to no end. He would start talking about one thing but then stray in his lecture about triggers and all that other stuff that annoyed him. You just asked him a simple question, you’ve been listening so long you can’t even remember what the question was. You’ve been listening to him long enough, you start zoning out. Unfortunately Kankri could tell by now that you weren’t paying attention.
“Hey are y9u even listening t9 me?” He asked clearly irritated. Great he could tell, now you’d have to listen to another lecture on that.
“No, I can’t focus with your untracked train of speech.” You said starting to fall asleep.
Sure you liked hearing what he had to say but if he didn’t have a point you could care less. As your eyes started closing you could see a red sw
:iconcrazylight36:Crazylight36 493 128
Yelling from a few rooms away~KankrixReader
~Was it yelling from a few rooms away? ~
Yes, yes it was.
You heard some yelling and decided to go check it out. You armed yourself with a baseball bat and padded your way down the hall. Oh Gog damn it.
That was Kankri’s room. And it sounded like Kankri.
You burst into the room, bat at the ready to find Kanrki trying to get out of an overlarge sweater, but unable as he kept tripping on the sleeves. He was yelling something, but to your ears it sounded like ‘blah blah blah triggers blah blah sweater blah blah ______’. Yeah, you were in for the lecture of your life when he got out of there.
So, you had two choices- you could either go out of his room or leave the house for a while until he calmed down, or you could stay and help him…
Well, you’d just get lectured more later if you didn’t stay to help him now- plus the fact that he was extremely sweet to you most of the time didn’t help (when he wasn’t lecturing you of course). So, you deci
:icondarkest-crystal72:Darkest-Crystal72 748 194
A crash from your doorway KarkatxReader
Was it a crash from your doorway?
It was.
You heard a loud BAM from your doorway, jumping up and promptly falling out of your bed and flat onto your face- ow. Ow. Fucking ow.
You looked up to see an angry Karkat wearing a way-large sweater, even by his standards, it was almost to his kness! And he’d kicked your door inwards and was now glaring at you. Holy crap that was cute.
“Hey there Kitkat. Sup” you asked, putting an arm underneath your head as if you hadn’t fallen- nah, man, you totally planned that. You were just that cool…
Yeah, you were really bad at this. You blamed Dave.
“Don’t you fucking DARE start with me nookwhiff!” he growled at you, stepping into your room and kicking the door closed. “This is YOUR fault! You did the laundry- hell, what the fuck DID you even do!?”
“No idea what you’re talking about”
“Oh, fine then. _______ do you not see that I’m fucking entrenched in this gogdamn
:icondarkest-crystal72:Darkest-Crystal72 764 198
Cranky Kankri : Kankri x Reader
“(_Name_), this is highly triggering you know. You shouldn’t be doing such risky manoeuvres. You seem to have forgotten that you are inside, as well. I do not appreciate someone wrecking my hive like this. You have disrupted the peaceful atmosphere that I try to maintain at all times. Not only that, but you have also destroyed half of my hive in your unsuccessful attempts to get me to like you. This is a very triggering experience for me (_Name_) and blah blah blah….”
You zone out as the mutant blooded troll drones on and on about triggers and how offensive your behaviour had been while you just sit there, suffering in silence. Of course, this entire incident is because of your supposedly stupid behaviour. In your defence, you had just been having a little fun, that was it. Although now that you think back on it, your actions could be taken as triggering to a certain someone.
You’re snapped back to reality by Kankri clicking his fingers in front of your f
:iconaliceinsteampunk:aliceinsteampunk 627 95
Pudding - Karkat X Reader
You sat down on the couch in your living room with a spoon in one hand and a pudding cup in the other. Putting the spoon in your mouth
you reached up to turn off the light, leaving only the light of the TV for you to see. Tonight was going to be your nice and easy
night. You were dressed in your most comfortable pajamas which consisted of a light weight tank top that didn't quite cover your
stomach and your favorite pair of light blue briefs. Because it was the middle of summer and it was quite hot at night, you normally
slept without pants on. Besides, it was really comfortable. You had popped in one of your favorite movies, Love and Other Drugs, to
watch while you ate your pudding peacefully. This was the first time in a while you got a chance to watch this movie and you had
forgotten how much you loved it. The movie started and you snuggled down into the cushions. Finally, a great chance to relax...
“HEY, ____! YOU HOME?” You heard someone yell very loudly d
:iconlemon-y-snicket:lemon-y-snicket 640 333
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